photo transfer to mod podge

mod podge image transfer

This easy image transfer process will result in an image which is embedded onto a semi-translucent skin. The skin can be mounted on different surfaces, such as glass, metal or wood, where the background will show through. Another great use for this skin is to add it onto a mixed media collage or a journal page. This process is quite similar process to Gel Skin Transfer. The main difference is the use of Mod Podge instead of gel medium.

Toner based photo (printed on laser printer or a photocopy machine)
Mod Podge (gloss or matte)
Foam brush
Tray of water or a spray bottle

Photo transfer into Mod Podge

1. Using a foam brush, coat your photocopy with a thin layer of mod podge . Brush the Mod Podge up and down in a vertical direction. Let it dry completely; The mod podge dries clear.

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2. Brush a second layer of mod podge. This time brush it horizontally, from side to side. Let dry again. You can brush another layer but if you want your mod podge skin to be thin and translucent 2 layers will do.
3. Soak your photocopy in a tray of water or turn it over and spray its back with water.
4. Gently rub off the paper backing with your fingers. When the transfer dries you will see the areas that are still covered with paper. Soak again in water and continue removing the paper. Repeat this step as many times as needed until the paper is completely gone and your photo is transferred to the Mod Podge skin.

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