Oil and solvent image transfer – part one

Oil and solvent image transfer

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Here is a truly neat way to instantly transfer your favorite photos or any other toner based images and magazine clips.

Windy day in venice beach. Oil image transfer

Windy day in Venice Beach. Oil image transfer to textured watercolor paper

This process uses pure essential oils such as Wintergreen or Eucalyptus oil and has a very distinct painterly look.
Essential oils are pure oils extracted from plants or trees and are often used in aromatherapy treatment. Therefore they are obviously safe and provide a non-toxic way to do image transfer.
Images can be transferred to different surfaces such as watercolor paper, wood, canvas and other fabrics.
HOWEVER, not every toner-based print will work! Some laser printers and copy machines will yield copies that will NOT transfer with oil.


In order to find out which printer and copy machine work with oil transfer, you will have to experiment with the different ones available for you until you find those that work.


Toner based/laser photo (remember to mirror it)
Essential Oiil (Eucaliputs, wintergreen, Tea tree etc.)
Low tack adheseve tape such as artist tape
Cotton ball or a foam brush
Bone folder or a spoon
Receiving surface such as watercolor paper or wood

1. Select the image to transfer. The image should be a laser printout or a toner based photocopy. Remember to leave a white border around the image.

2. Tape the image face down onto your background. It is important the image doesn’t move during the transfer or the final transfer will turn out blurry.

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