Image Transfer to Wood

Photo transfer to wood

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New York from the High Line.  Image transfer to Wood

New York from the High Line
Image transfer to Wood

[Introduction to Image Transfer]
The beauty of this process is that you not only have your final image blended in and mounted on a nice wood surface but also it has a beautiful distressed appearance with the wood grain showing through your image.

Wood panels for this process can be found in any arts and crafts stores but will be inexpensive if purchased at the hardware store.
For example, you can get a 10″ x 4ft board of pine wood for less than $10 at Lowe’s and have them cut it for you for the size you need.
And if you are like me and prefer your wood to be not only free but also unique just look around your neighborhood for discarded but high quality shelves, dressers, tables or desks and salvage them. Cut them down to the size you want, clean and send them and you’ve got yourself some cool free wood panels to transfer your images to. Now, you can leave the wood in it’s raw form or stain it using watered down acrylic paint or any wood stain/tint product.

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