Why NOT Bluehost?

we are moving

I had my website hosted with Bluehost for many many years, so obviously I had an extensive body of work presented along with high ranking blog posts which drove quite a bit of business to my shop.
One sunny day, mind you without any notice, Bluehost shut down my website claiming it was infected with malware.
They demanded I get rid of IT but would not tell me what or where it was. Strange, no? I mean it is THEIR server and I have no control over how susceptible it is to attacks. So why am I responsible to fix it?
The whole thing appeared a bit shady especially after I ran my website through 5 different anti-virus software and none of them found any virus!
Just then when I asked Bluehost for their help finding and cleaning the “virus” I realized what they were doing… they kindly offered to “clean up” my website for $250! Ok, NO thank you!
I took down everything I had sitting on their server, bid them farewell and bought myself a nice new domain with a shiny new web host.
Now I’m slowly building my website again…
Lots of work to be sure, but I love clean new beginnings!