Image Transfer with Acrylic Paints

Image transfer with acrylic paints

What you need:
Laser photocopy (black & white or color)
Acrylic paints
Receiving surface (Photo paper, canvas panel, wood)
A water spray bottle
UV-resistant clear finish

Image transfer with acrylic paints1. The very first step is to choose the right image to transfer. Images with good contrast and a plenty of light areas where the paint will show through, work best. You can use an inkjet printout for this transfer method but you will need to coat your photo with spray fixative. A good fixative, such as Krylon Workable Fixative will prevent smearing. Let the fixative completely dry before applying the paint.
2. Cover the photocopy with a generous amount of any standard acrylic paint. You can mix a few different colors as shown in the above picture. Experiment and mix different colors to make your paint transfer more interesting but keep in mind that lighter colors work best.

Complete guide to Image Transfer

3. While the paint is still wet, place the photo face down and press it down onto the background surface.
4. After a few hours when the transfer is dry, spray the back of the photocopy with water and rub off the paper to reveal the transfer. Repeat this step as many times as needed until the excess paper is completely gone.
5. The final step, as always is to protect the image with clear UV protection. Applying a gloss UV clear finish will also help minimize the foggy appearance created by the leftover paper.

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