Basic Inkjet Image Transfer – Part One

Basic inkjet photo transfer

Basic inkjet image transfer

Blue Tulips
9”X12” Image transfer to Canson watercolor paper using matte finish mod podge.

This is one the most basic methods of transferring inkjet printouts from one surface to another and therefore it is a good place to begin.
Though this inkjet transfer method is not as fast as the wet or oil transfers it will produce a higher quality and clearer transfer.
It is recommended that you carefully follow the steps. Though this is an easy process, its also quite easy to get something wrong and create a hot mess.

Inkjet Printer
Standard weight printer paper
A foam brush
Transfer medium; Mod Podge, gel medium or gesso
Spray fixative
Receiving surface
A tray of water
UV-resistant clear finish
(Optional) Bone folder or a brayer

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Brush the transfer medium

Cover your printout with the transfer medium

1. Set your printer to normal or standard settings. Next, print a MIRROR IMAGE of your photo onto a STANDARD WEIGHT PRINTER PAPER (it is very important that you don’t print your image on photo paper,or it is just not going to work!)
2. Once your printout is dry spray it with a layer of fixative and let it dry completely.
3. Brush a good amount (but not too much) of the transfer medium (Mod Podge, soft gel, matte medium or clear gesso are good choices for this basic transfer) and cover the image completely. Areas that will not be coated with the transfer medium will not transfer.

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