Coloring a photo with coloring pencils – Part one

Hand coloring Photos with Pencils

Coloring pencils won’t work well on a coated smooth surface, such as glossy photo paper.
Therefore, it’s a good idea to select a matte, semigloss or fine art surface with “tooth” to print your photo on.

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The Easy Guide to Hand-Coloring Photos

You can use any type of coloring pencils and don’t really need to get the expensive artist kind though they will be easier to work with since they are usually softer.
Though it is always a good idea to pre-coat your inkjet print with spray fixative, you don’t have to do so when using dry medium such as pencils.
However, if you choose to use watercolor pencils then clearly you will need to prepare your surface with fixative to prevent smudging of the ink.

This tutorial is part of the EASY GUIDE TO HAND COLORING PHOTOS


Paris Art with coloring pencils

Montmartre, Paris
Original taken with a film camera on black and white film , printed and hand painted using chalk pastel color pencils.

First, let’s color with Chalk Pencils (such as General’s Pastel Chalk pencils):

1. Set your printer to greyscale and photo quality settings and print your photo on a nice textured paper such as Canson sketch paper. You can use Inkjet textured paper just make sure they are un-coated.
2. Use chalk pencils to color the white and light grey areas in your photo. You can use the black pencil to go over some the ink area but don’t over do it. Chalk pencils add a substantial texture to the image. The white pencil in particular produces depth and will make your photo pop.
3. As always the final colored print should be coated with an acrylic clear finish such as Krylon Low Odor Clear Matte Finish.
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This tutorial is part of the EASY GUIDE TO HAND COLORING PHOTOS