Canvas Background Photo Layer

Canvas Art squares by Nitsa

Using the canvas layer method is a quick and simple way to spice up any photo. With this technique you can use practically any of your photos that needs a little kick.
Canvas Background Layer - Noa1. The first thing to do is make a quick painting on canvas, and if this part of the process leaves you feeling intimidated, all I can say is: don’t be. Since all you are doing is creating a background layer for your photo the painting does not need to be a masterpiece, just something that pleases your eye. In fact, you might have quite a bit of fun experimenting with your canvas painting.

This tutorial is part of the TEXTURES AND LAYERS TUTORIAL

It’s a good idea to use an unframed canvas panel so it will be easy to scan when it’s dry however you can always take a picture of it instead.
You can use any type of paint that works on canvas; acrylic paints are always a good choice since they are easier to work with and dry quite fast.
2. Scan your work of art at 300dpi into your photo editor or take a high quality picture and upload onto your computer.
3. Open the photo you wish to enhance and make sure your layer palette is visible
(Paintshop Pro: View/Palettes/layers or F8. Photoshop: window/layers or F7).
Textures and layers instant downloadPlace your scanned canvas painting onto a new layer above the photo layer and blend both images by playing with the transparency settings until you like what you see.

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