What is street photography?

Street photography - odd couple

Whatever your choice of photography may be, landscape, portraiture, fine art, architecture or sports, you might want to take advantage and give street photography a try. This type of photography is always accessible and an easy way to test and practice your ideas.
Defining street photography can do injustice to its free, unconventional and completely non-uniform nature; however, I am so frequently asked about it that I decided to give it a try anyway.
Simply put, street photography includes any photograph made anywhere in public places.
Some people narrow it down to urban settings and some people think there must be people present in these kinds of photos.
But the bottom line is that each street photographer will find their own meaning and approach.
Therefore whatever definition they might arrive at will work just as well.
The purpose of street photography will again vary from one street photographer to another. Some photographers are interested in simply and honestly documenting life as they see it, at times adding their own interpretation to the scene.

Street Photography - Shabatt in Los Angeles

Some want to make artistic photographs of available street scenes and others simply enjoy taking pictures purely for the pleasure of it.
As you probably guessed already the methods of shooting street photographs vary greatly among different photographers…
And if there is one thing that truly defines street photography, it is that it’s one style of photography that is difficult, if not impossible, to pre plan or stage in any manner.

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