Street photography: Something about accidental work

San Francisco Street Photography

Accidental work is hardly appreciated in the world of photography where precision and control
are essential variables.

but Accidents happen.
Street photography’s nature generally demands shooting in an unplanned manner. Photographing in such a mode often puts one into unpredictable circumstances.
From nice people who walk right into the frame just when the exposure is made, to technical issues such as the classic double exposure. Not to mention disgraceful mistakes such as over or under exposure or even worse; the dreadful lack of focus.

Street Photography: panorama with a toy camera

Street Photography: panorama with a toy camera

But it is Ok as some of the most beautiful images are a result of such unexpected occasions.
Being in control of all elements, knowing exactly what the end result is going to be, is of course possible but it might just get pretty boring after a while, take away from the thrill and consequently produce predictable, conventional and constrained images.

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