Street Photography – unplanned and unstaged photography

Street Photography: Rain in San Francisco

What does unplanned and unstaged photography really mean?

Rarely do I know what pictures I’m going to take ahead of time.
I grab my camera on my way out the door, often curious about the images I’m going to come across that day.
Some photographers prefer to stage their photos, often in order to come up with a pleasing and even a saleable product. Not very artistic sounding, right?
There is nothing wrong with that of course, but if you’re eager to capture the TRUE energy of the streets (or maybe too lazy for big productions), why not just take advantage of what’s already out there?!

Street photography Beverly Hills California

Street photography in Beverly Hills California.
Panorama with a Lubitel 166

All you really need for a successful outcome is to keep an open eye and I’m sure I don’t need to mention an open mind, do I? Ah yes, a working camera as well (so don’t forget it at home!)

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