Mixed media photo transfer: The L.A. series

Mixed media collage image transfer

eBook PDF download Image transfer Pack

Image transfer Pack
eBook PDF download

This is another piece from THE LA SERIES photo transfer I’m working on; so far there are three of them, and I’m planning to make quite a few more. This one features Korea Town, which from obvious reasons, I drive through quite often these days (thank you, Amit!). Generally speaking I’m trying to portray that certain something about Los Angeles which I found when I first arrived here. It is the sunny side of the city, a quality that somehow overshadows (yeah, pun intended!) the daily traffic disaster, the crime, the strange dynamic between poverty and wealth and the superficiality.
I think I will always be a tourist in my city:)

If you want to make your own mixed media photo transfer you can find the well-written details of this process HERE.