Art by Nitsa is a creative photography, mixed media and experimental photography blog of ideas and inspiration for everyone interested in transforming their photos into beautiful art.


Art by NitsaI began using photography for my web design business in the early 2000’s and immediately fell in love. But not until I set foot in the darkroom did I discover my real passion; Hand Made Photography.
I began experimenting in the darkroom, trying to push my printing skill to another level. Before long, I developed a darkroom printing process that included layers of home made textures and paper negatives.
Shortly after I began experimenting with different historical processes, such as salt printing, albumen and bromoil.
And as I was looking to present my final photos in different ways I turned to mixed media, incorporating different materials with my photographs (which are taken on film using vintage cameras).

After years of experiments with different processes and materials I put together tutorials and books describing these processes in details and along with many images.
I very much enjoy teaching and sharing my processes and even more I always take pleasure in seeing what other people create.

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“A refreshing break for professional photographers and inspiration for beginners who long to color outside the lines.”
  The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter Issue #191

“Nitsa is a photographic interpreter of people in the urban scene. Her work is published via world wide web, printed books, and periodic framed print exhibits. Much of it, though capturing both human subject and urban setting, does not center upon either but rather the interplay between them. Elements of paradox and surprise are often strong. “ David Morgan, Santa Monica College 2005

Art by Nitsa Nitsa in Arizona Mixed Media Photography Art Classes