Beautiful image transfers, new book 202 pages

Beautiful Image Transfers

Beginning and advanced techniques
for turning photos into beautiful art

Nitsa Malik January 2018
Skylightweb books

$19.00 eBook $28.00 paperback


Learn the beautiful art of image transfer with this book which includes more than 40 image transfer methods and projects.
Image Transfer is EASY to learn, a lot of FUN to do and requires only a few basic supplies.
Once you begin transferring your lovely photos onto different surfaces (such as wood, glass or canvas,) you will be making one-of-a-kind grungy art pieces you can proudly HANG on your wall, GIFT them or even SELL.


1. INTRODUCTION TO IMAGE TRANSFER – the materials needed for image transfer and all the basic image transfer processes such as:
Simple inkjet Transfer
Transferring with inkjet transparencies
Transferring with copier transparencies
Basic Xerox transfer
Clear tape transfer
Gel layer transfer
Wet ink transfer
Oil transfer
Aluminum foil transfer
Acrylic paints transfer
Acrylic spray transfer
Transfer to mirror, glass or tiles
Wood transfer
And More—

Tile coasters
Rustic wall decor
Polaroid makeover
Tintype recollection
Watercolor Art
Hand made cards to frame
Personalized embellished keepsake box
Simple Mixed Media Transfer
Advanced Mixed Media Transfer
Photo collage lampshade
Mirror Glitz
3D glass
Beach rocks art
Artist journal
Art on canvas
Faux encaustic art
And More—